NexGen – About Us

At NexGen Technology, we believe everyone deserves to have peace of mind with the added ability of choice. Improvements  through modern day applications coupled with simplicity go hand in hand. Our primary goal is to remove any blockades that hinder the basics of rational decisions by bringing the innovation to you. There are a handful of companies that offer what we do sharing the same basic principles “what” needs to be offered and “how” to implement it. Nevertheless, we work closely with our business affiliates to provide “why” we should offer it and “who” would benefit by our products the most.  We are like-minded individuals having utilized the applications first hand with makers of compatible business sense that have the creativity to connect people with what matters most – Your Experience!

NexGen Technology is a leader in laboratory equipment worldwide through the use of our business affiliations to assist in providing our clients with their detailed specific tooling needs . We provide industry specific necessities for all your extraction requests with profound customer support to empower the basics of quality systems and services. NexGen will provide uncompromised reliability, innovation and result oriented experiences keeping you up to date with the industry’s most demanding situation.

Our Mission: “To be the catalyst that holds familiarity and understanding through practice for support, service and result driven experiences by empowering our patrons to succeed from the ground up”

NexGen Technology was founded in 2016 when it was evident through trial and error,  others should never need to compromise when it comes to the specifics of basic equipment being offered for both laboratory environments and extraction related processes.  Our founder Chris Haight; an entrepreneur and business minded aficionado of anything manufactured, engineered or otherwise custom fabricated; worked for the DoD after serving in the armed forces as a Navy Diver. Mr. Haight switched gears in 2014 utilizing his engineering expertise to assist in developing one of Colorado’s first Water-Based extraction platforms for essential oil reclamation.  These platforms are now used Nationwide in what many call the NexGen Experience. Through the use of certified trade techniques and licenses held from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency; Mr. Haight dove into site specific regulatory statutes through state approval processes to assist those who needed further guidance on getting started to alleviate some of the regulatory red tape.