Electrical requirements  110V 60Hz single phase, 2300 watts, 21A
220V 50/60Hz single phase, 2300 watts, 10.5A
Rotation motor: 300 watts
 Glass material  High borosilicate glass 3.3
 Evaporating flask  Capacity: 1.32 gallon (5 liters)
Maximum load: Not to exceed 60% of the flask’s capacity
Sealing flange: 2″ diameter
Rotation speed: 10 to 140 rpm
Evaporating speed: 0.5 gallon/hour (water), 1 gallon/hour (alcohol)
 Receiving flask  0.79 gallon (3 liter)
 Condenser  Glassware: Vertical cold trap (dry ice) condenser with lid
Vacuum connection: 3/8″ hose barb x 1
 Working environment  5 to 95°F
 Water bath  Temperature range: ambient to 99°C (210°F)
Temperature controller: digital
Dimensions: 11.4″ diameter x 6.7″ depth x 9″ height
Material: stainless steel
Media: distilled water only
Max. water level: not to exceed 1″ from the top rim of the bath
Number of heaters: one
Drain port: one
Exterior liner: rubber
Lifting: motoriezed
Maximum lifting distance: 4 inches
 Vacuum  Vacuum level: < 3 torrs
Sealing: PTFE + Viton gaskets
Connection: 3/8″ hose barb x 1
 Safety  Dry-run, over-temp shut-off, built-in circuit breakers
 Shipping weight  105 Lb (evaporator), 57 Lb (glassware)
 Unit dimensions  30 x 15.7 x 42″ (WxDxH)
 Shipping dimensions  29 x 17 x 35″ (evaporator), 22 x 22 x 22″ (glassware) (WxDxH)
 Download  Product brochure
 Compliance  UL 61010-1: 2012 Ed.3 + R: 29 Apr 2016
CSA C22.2# 61010-1-12: 2012 Ed.3+ U1; U2 (R2017)


Standard package

 Part description  Quantity
Part image
 Ai SolventVap 1.3-gallon rotary evaporator and water bath 1 set
 Vertical cold trap condenser with 1 vacuum port and lid, glass 1 pc
 1.32G/5L round shaped rotating evaporating flask, glass 1 pc
 3L round shaped receiving flask 1 pc
 Three-way tee vapor buffering flask, glass 1 pc
 Glass receiving flask & condenser connector elbow with PTFE open/close switch 1 set
 Receiving flask glass vacuum port with PTFE open/close valve 1 set
 Glass material feeding port with PTFE open/close valve 1 set  
 Glass vapor duct with seal (pre-installed) 1 pc
 PTFE vacuum sealing kit (pre-installed) 2 pcs
 PTFE extension feeding hose 1 pc
 Stainless steel pole 1 pc
 Mechanical vacuum gauge with 2 hose barb connectors 1 pc
 Rubber-wrapped condenser and receiving flask support and bracket 3 pcs
 Flask quick clamp (4 smaller pcs for condenser, receiving flask and feeder, 1 larger pc for 3-way flask) 5 sets
 PTFE centering sealing ring  5 pcs
 GL14 connector 1 pc
 Allen key and backup inner hex screws 4 pcs
 User’s manual 1 pc